Wants List!

Hoping to get some of these added to my collection!! Any help would be appreciated~
Images all found on Google!

High Priority:
1. Slowpoke Kutakuta

2. Pokemon Time Bulbasaur Mascot
3. Pokemon Time Charmander Mascot

4. Custom Kecleon Beanie/Kuttari

5. Slowpoke tail plush (the small one), or just the rubber charm!

6. Kecleon TOMY Plush

Medium Priority:
1. Dragonite Pokedoll (w/tags)

2. Lickilicky Pokedoll (w/tags)

3. Ho-oh Pokedoll (w/tags)

4. Slowpoke Chibi Stamper
5. Slowpoke Water Squirter

Low Priority:
1. Slowpoke kids! I can never get enough of these guys :)
2. Ditto gashapon figures
3. Slowpoke Beach diorama figure

Metrocon gets!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share some Metrocon gets I picked up yesterday :D The I love Marine piplup and ditto squirtle are MWT! The lady who sold them to me had an enormous booth with tons of rare plushes! Not only did she give me a discount on the two, she also gave me the magnet slowpoke and the slowpoke metal swing charm for free! The convention was super fun, I'd highly recommend it to anyone in the area :)

Thanks for looking!

ISO: zukan base

Hey all!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I recently won on of my grails on Y!J, the Slowpoke line zukan! However, it did not include a base or pegs, so I'm looking to buy any base with pegs that would possibly fit the zukan :) Thanks for looking!