mccatnip (mccatnip) wrote,

Wants List!

Hoping to get some of these added to my collection!! Any help would be appreciated~
Images all found on Google!

High Priority:
1. Slowpoke Kutakuta

2. Pokemon Time Bulbasaur Mascot
3. Pokemon Time Charmander Mascot

4. Custom Kecleon Beanie/Kuttari

5. Slowpoke tail plush (the small one), or just the rubber charm!

6. Kecleon TOMY Plush

Medium Priority:
1. Dragonite Pokedoll (w/tags)

2. Lickilicky Pokedoll (w/tags)

3. Ho-oh Pokedoll (w/tags)

4. Slowpoke Chibi Stamper
5. Slowpoke Water Squirter

Low Priority:
1. Slowpoke kids! I can never get enough of these guys :)
2. Ditto gashapon figures
3. Slowpoke Beach diorama figure
Tags: pokedoll, slowpoke, wants
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